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Mathematics forms the basis of many applications. By means of the suitable teaching material one can learn to handle with complex questions and to solve problems mathematically. Economical analysis, decision-making, information processing and the like necessitate special mathematical methods.
Computer science
Computer science is the universal science of this day and age. It can be used in every domain.
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Scripts and more about informatica feminale (summer studies) at the University of Bremen, Germany. Periodically workshops, practical trainings, lectures, seminars, performances and discussions take place in September. The lecturers come from economy and universities, from Germany, Austria and from overseas. The subjects inform about practical matters.
The informatica is recommended by the GI (Society for Computer Science) and since this time is part of the course of studies in Bremen. Female students can acquire certificates which they can submit at their home university. Further information at the Online Newspaper or at http://www.informatica-feminale.de/Sommerstudium/ (both German).
This area is restricted to multimedia and interactive art projects. There are lectures, reports and descriptions.
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